NIS and FCA Serbia Present Advantages of Compressed Gas

March 26, 2015

The Show’s visitors had the opportunity to learn more about the characteristics of this alternative fuel, considered the energy carrier of the future owing to its environmentally-friendly features. It is produced at the NIS facility in the Palić gas field – the first of its kind in Serbia – which started operation last year. On this occasion, FCA Serbia presented the FIAT 500 L, an alternative-drive car model running on CNG. As the representatives of the two companies explain, the main component of this energy carrier is methane, which has the smallest carbon dioxide emissions coefficient, compared to other petroleum products. It is used as industry and household heating fuel and as fuel for internal combustion engines. “We are delighted to start the collaboration with FCA Serbia on the promotion of the advantages brought by the use of compressed natural gas. This energy carrier is currently sold through the wholesale system, and by the end of April retail sales will start at NIS petrol station Novi Sad 10,” Igor Korać, Deputy Director of Energy at NIS, said in a statement. Umberto Iannuccelli, the commercial director of FCA Serbia, explains that they are proud to collaborate with NIS, in view of the advantages brought by alternative-drive vehicles. “The advantages are profitability, environmental protection, and saving money. The FIAT 500L model running on methane produced in the Kragujevac plant is a green car with a very low emission of carbon dioxide. In the four years of using this car, the money saved amounts to the price of the entire car,” Iannuccelli points out.