NIS and Ministry of Defence Signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

September 9, 2014

The Memorandum stipulates the exchange of knowledge and experience in the area of organization, technology and use of vehicles in road traffic operations, as well as the application of up-to-date information technologies in the field of transport and transport costs management. Accordingly, an agreement has been made regarding training of passenger and cargo vehicle drivers/operators at the training grounds and using resources of the Serbian Military Forces. Joint participation in science and research projects has been planned, as well as engagement and exchange of experts to give lectures on the topics of transport and traffic safety. The agreement involves exchange of free transport capacities; in particular, NIS will take army off-road vehicles and, in return, provide passenger vans and passenger cars to the Ministry and the Army for their purposes. "The Army provides assistance on a daily basis not only to the Serbian population, but also to the companies which work in their interest. This Memorandum, signed with NIS, supports this thesis as well. We have designed a joint program concept, presented the part of vehicle pool to be used for training, and indicated the complexity of the issue of passenger and cargo transport and their safety. In this way, we help reduce risks when operating vehicles and, more importantly, help the drivers feel more confident, even under difficult driving conditions. “We are glad to be here today with NIS representatives and we are ready to support any company which demonstrates this kind of social responsibility", the Minister of Defence, Bratislav Gašić, declared. "One of NIS' priorities is to ensure safety of its employees, partners, and local population in our field of our business, as well as environmental protection and traffic safety. The nature of oil business entails a high level of occupational safety and health, which NIS fully complies with and continually develops. Owing to our cooperation with the Ministry of Defence, we manage to improve this area continually. We see positive effects of the activities the Company undertook in the last five years, hence the rate of occupational injuries and traffic accidents has been reduced by around 60 per cent, and the rate of fire incidence and environmental accidents has been reduced by 20 per cent. During the last five years, the total of USD 150 million was invested in the environmental protection, occupational safety and health", Kirill Kravchenko, NIS Chief Executive Officer, declared.