NIS and Novi Sad University have entered the fourth year of cooperation

March 20, 2013

Today, NIS and the Novi Sad University have signed an Annex to the Contract on Strategic Cooperation for 2013 thus launching the fourth consecutive year of cooperation between the largest domestic company and the second largest university in the country for the purpose of implementing joint projects. The Annex to the Contract was signed by Dmitry Fomenko, Deputy CEO and Miroslav Vesković PhD, Rector of the Novi Sad University. In line with the Contract provisions, NIS will continue to grant scholarships and the five most successful students of the University will be granted funds in the amount of 1,000,000 RSD i.e. 200,000 RSD per student by the end of this academic year. Furthermore, the University students will have the opportunity to complete an internship at the Company and, by doing so, gain both practical and theoretical know-how from NIS experts. They will also have the opportunity to consult NIS experts in the course of preparation of their graduation thesis and other scientific papers. Additionally, NIS and University representatives will jointly implement projects approved by the European Union as well as other scientific, research and educational projects in the country and abroad. The Annex to the Contract prescribes that a certain number of NIS employees attends various trainings at the University as well as specialized studies within the ''EU Integration'' Program at the Faculty of Technical Sciences. The cooperation of NIS and the University of Novi Sad pertains to the schools of the University that provide education in the areas which are key to the Company's business operations and all its production blocks. The Annual Action Plan is being defined by the joint Coordination Bodies. In addition to the Novi Sad University, NIS also cooperates with the Belgrade University. In 2011 NIS invested almost 13 million RSD into the partnership with these two universities whereas the value of the last year's cooperation was almost doubled, amounting to 22,5 million RSD. For this year, the Company has allocated even larger funds. NIS provides support to the Universities within the Company Social Responsibility Project ''Energy of Knowledge'' which includes different types of cooperation with numerous scientific institutions and universities in Serbia.