NIS and Road Traffic Safety Agency Launch “Drive Well Rested” Campaign

August 2, 2016

At more than 60 NIS petrol station located on transit routes, drivers are distributed leaflets informing them of the importance of safe driving in summer conditions, when traffic accidents are most frequent due to long distances and tiredness. The leaflets contain practical instructions and regulations for safe driving.  For the purpose of their own safety and that of their fellow travellers and all other traffic participants, the drivers are advised to start their journey well rested, take a break every two hours and avoid driving at night and during the hottest part of the day. Given the fact that an increased number of local and foreign passengers travel our roads during summer, the traffic safety leaflet has been made in four languages - Serbian, English, German and Turkish. The road traffic safety campaign during the summer season is implemented within the framework campaign of NIS and the Road Traffic Safety Agency "We Care for You" which is focused on increasing the safety of all traffic participants.  The cooperation is implemented based on the signed protocol, on account of which, among other things, the campaign "Traffic Safety Week" with more than 800 participants was successfully implemented last year.