NIS and Road Traffic Safety Agency Launch Joint Campaign for Greater Safety of Motorcyclists

July 5, 2016

NIS petrol stations in Serbia distribute leaflets with the information on the requirements for safe driving of motorcyclists who have been recognized as the especially vulnerable category of traffic participants, primarily during summer months. The leaflets contain information on the required equipment and observance of traffic regulations, and also warnings of the risks which may lead to traffic accidents. The specialized campaign for motorcyclists is only a segment of the preventive campaigns in the area of traffic safety conducted jointly by NIS and the Road Traffic Safety Agency. Based on the signed Protocol on Cooperation, "Traffic Safety Week" including more than 800 participants at lectures and practical training was organized successfully last year. The purpose is to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Serbia. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Road Traffic Safety Agency, the framework campaign titled "We Care about You" is also being implemented, aiming to increase safety of all traffic participants, with the focus on motorcyclists in the current period.