NIS and SBA promote sports and a healthy lifestyle

June 8, 2019

The tournament is taking place within the “We are all one team” project, being delivered by the NIS Company, which seeks to promote sports spirit and a healthy lifestyle to the young. The young athletes are, thus, stimulated to respect a rival, as well as to nurture the feeling for fair play, as this approach stimulates development of the future champions. Within the “We are all one team” project, the NIS Company in association with Serbia’s Basketball Association this year organised the mini basket tournament "Weekend of Champions" in three Serbian towns. Other than, the tournament was also held in Novi Sad on May 11th and in Belgrade on June 2nd. The tournament was officially opened by Uroš Parlić, president of the Regional Basketball Association of Eastern Serbia. "First of all, I would like to give credit to our children, young basketball players who have shown up in this number. It is great to see the youth of Niš, the region and Serbia, who loves basketball like us." I thank the Basketball Association that has held this traditional event for years alive and growing, as well as NIS, whose slogan "The future in Action" really shows that it supports the future, "Parlić said. The “We are all one team” project seeks also to promote and discover own talents, while focusing on demonstrating savvy in basketball, sharing secrets and tricks of basketball. Thus, the town of Niš became the first basketball arena providing the knowledge and skills to the future basketball stars, , while the boys from the “Trijumf” Basketball Club in Niš, a part of the basketball academy of the “Partizan NIS” Club, have held a demonstration training as part of the event. “If they say that we are the country of basketball, and the mini-basket is basketball adjusted to the children age category, then we can confidently claim that we are also the country of the Mini-basket! I would like to express appreciation of the NIS Company for creating conditions for us throughout the long years to put into practice our dream of success “, stated Rade Georgievski, chair of the Association “Mini-basket Serbia“. The whole concept of the tournament, as well as balls and basket heights, are adapted to the age of children on this occasion. Accordingly, at the end of the competition, all participants received honorable medals, as a reminder that the competition results at this age are in the second plan, and the development of team spirit and communion priorities in growing up. The cooperation of NIS and Serbia’s Basketball Association within the “Mini-basket Serbia“ project and holding the tournament for the youngest throughout our country траје већ девет година. Moreover, NIS is a long time partner of the “Partizan NIS” Basketball Club and a tireless sponsor of the development of sports in Serbia.