NIS and SBA pursue mini-basket tournament for children

June 2, 2019

This time round, the tournament gathered boys and girls from the City of Belgrade as well as the adjacent region, who were divided into two age categories - from 7 and 8 years, and from 9 and 10 years respectively. This project, taking place for the second year in a row, seeks to promote sports spirit and a healthy lifestyle, proper physical development of the youngest, orientation towards sports and sporting values. The first stop of this year's mini-basket tournament "Weekend of Champions" was Novi Sad, where the tournament was held on May 11. In addition to the mini basket courts, the youngest had the opportunity to play on the field with a telescope basket, and the programs of the tournament, balls and height of the bins were adjusted to the age of children. At the end of the competition, all participants received medals, because this project has a clear goal not to create competition among children, but to encourage the respect of rivals and fair-play, since such a relationship stimulates the development of top athletes. “I would like to reiterate our appreciation of a successful cooperation with the NIS Company that provided this magnificent venue for the mini-basket tournament to take place, hoping that it will persist and improve. A society ought to take care of its youngest members as it seeks to forge ahead with steady and long steps“, stated Rade Georgievski, chair of the Association “Mini-basket Serbia“. Following the events in Novi Sad and Belgrade, NIS and Serbia’s Basketball Association are going to stage a mini-basket tournament “Weekend of Champions” on June 8th in the city of Nis. In association with Serbia’s Basketball Association, NIS for nine years in a row has been facilitating the organisation of the “Mini-basket Serbia“ project and holding mini-basket tournament throughout our country. This project seeks to instil sportive spirit in children and promote a healthy lifestyle; with competition results for this age are not so important. For years, NIS has been facilitating the development of sports in Serbia, among other this is a long time partner of Serbia’s Basketball Association and Basketball Club “Partizan NIS”.