NIS and the City of Niš Continue Strategic Cooperation

May 10, 2012

Cooperation between NIS a.d. and the City of Niš has been officially continued for the third year in a row by signing the 2012 Agreement on Social and Economic Cooperation. The Agreement, worth 10 million dinars, includes NIS support in realisation of projects significant for the City Niš, but unlike in the previous two years, a completely new principle has been introduced to allocate funds: 50 per cent is allocated independently by the municipality/city, and the remaining 50 per cent is intended for projects selected via public competition. This means that associations, humanitarian and non-governmental organisations, individuals, youth talents and other interested parties can individually apply for NIS support in projects regarding sports, culture, environment, science and humanitarian activities. More Precise requirements and propositions for public competitions in local communities shall be published in May on the NIS corporate website, on the official City of Niš website and in the media. After the competition is announced, all interested parties will be able to send their requests to the company e-mail address: Projects will be selected by a special committee including representatives from both NIS and the City of Niš. This Agreement is a part of NIS corporate programme „Cooperation for Development“ that has the goal of improving the everyday life in the local community, development of sports, science and culture, improving the infrastructure, as well as influx of investments. Today, NIS CEO, Kirill Kravchenko and the mayor of NIS, Miloš Simonović have also signed Memorandum of Understanding in the energy industry. Memorandum is based on common interest regarding optimum exploitation of natural resources in order to improve energy efficiency and stability. "Partnership with the City of Niš has been showing very good results. On these foundations we are building on our cooperation in two directions. Project realisation via public competition will contribute to a more open and diverse atmosphere, thus introducing new quality standards. Cooperation in the energy industry has the goal of a more complete implementation of sustainable development and new investments in exploitation of traditional and renewable energy sources, which is the future of the industry. We believe that this common direction will quickly bring positive effects not only to our Company, but also to all the citizens of Niš" - Kirill Kravchenko, NIS CEO said.