NIS Announces Competition to Fund Projects in Local Communities

July 3, 2017

The novelty of this year's “Together for the Community” programme is sole support for capital projects of priority to municipalities and towns where the programme is run. This is how NIS aims to assist further development of local communities of its operation and give its contribution to an improved quality of life in them. In accordance with this objective, up to five projects will be funded in each town or municipality. This is another year that NIS will be funding the projects in the total amount equalling last year's – 110.5 million dinars. The competition covers five areas: sport, culture, the environment, science/education and public health and social protection. Depending on the community needs, up to three areas have been selected in each unit of local self-government in which interested organisations will be able to apply. Each association or institution may apply with only one project as a project holder. The projects to be supported will be selected by a committee composed of representatives of NIS and the local community. All terms and conditions of the public competition “Together for the Community” are available online at, and the results will be announced on 13 October 2017. For the ninth consecutive year, NIS has been supporting towns and municipalities in Serbia through its “Together for the Community” programme. So far, 846 projects have been supported altogether and 900 million dinars invested. As reflected by its slogan “Future at Work”, NIS has been continuously improving living conditions in the local communities where it does business.