NIS as a prime example of corporate anti-corruption practices

June 6, 2016

Roundtable discussion entitled "Fight against corruption - how we do it" organised by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Slavoljub Ćetojević, Director of Economic Security Sector of NIS Corporate Security, pointed out that the company’s anti-corruption strategy is one of the levers of protection which also serves as an investment in business performance, reputation and sustainable development. NIS has an advanced and organised anti-corruption system aimed at prevention and mitigation of adverse business impact and awareness-raising, emphasised Mr Ćetojević, adding that business results are always better if coupled with investments in fight against corruption. Air Serbia and Phillip Morris were presented as other good practice examples and the roundtable discussion addressed in-house anti-corruption policies applied by these three companies. This was a good opportunity for the attendees - representatives from small- and mid-sized businesses from Serbia - to hear more about advanced anti-corruption systems and policies at large systems in Serbia. The meeting also conveyed a message that compliance with standards and codes of ethics is vital to combating corruption, as well as across-the-board decision-making controls, verifiability of every decision, and provision of training.