NIS at a conference on key challenges in the field of CO2 capture and storage

November 12, 2015

Igor Korać, Deputy Director of the Block Energy has emphasized that NIS uses modern knowledge and technologies in its work with CO2 and has professionally trained staff. NIS is also a participant in the program of the European Commission aimed at developing new security technologies in work with CO2. This project, which is being implemented with a consortium of international partners, should, among other things, contribute to the positioning of NIS in the European Union as a company involved in the development of new solutions in this area. In addition to NIS, the event was attended by representatives of the relevant ministries, embassies, foreign institutions, as well as of domestic companies and universities. The conference was organized with an aim to highlight the key challenges in the technology of carbon capture and storage, development of modern technologies in this area, and the ways in which these procedures can meet the economic, energy and security priorities in Serbia and in the region.