NIS at career fair Top Job 2013.

March 22, 2013

NIS attended this year's 2013 TOP JOB Fair held on 18 and 19 March in Belexpocentar hall in Belgrade. The fair was declared officially open by Dragan Đilas, the Mayor of Belgrade. He expressed his satisfaction that great companies like NIS supported such events, thereby setting a good example of social responsibility practice. Nataša Stamenković, NIS HR Director, addressed the visitors and presenters on behalf of our Company and greeted all attendees of the event: "The Fair is the right place to solve unemployment issues proactively, since the time when jobs were waited on to become readily available belongs to the past and now employment has to be actively sought. NIS has concrete achievements regarding employment to boast of. Last year we employed 363 young persons with no prior working experience and with a high GPA during education, and this year we will hire 300 more. The NIS Annual Training and Development Budget in the amount of nearly three million euros is a guarantee that we will offer a high-quality professional practice to anyone who joins us", said Nataša Stamenković, inviting the attendees to visit NIS stand and join the team with Serbia's most successful business operation. Apart from students, we also met at the NIS stand numerous visitors with working experience wishing to join our company. The candidates who brought their CVs to the fair were able to submit them directly to our representatives. Also, an electronic device was set up on our stand providing all the interested persons with the opportunity to send their CVs. NIS representatives paid due attention to all the interested persons, providing them with all the required information on our employment programmes and applying for a job position. By participating in this fair, our Company reaffirms its commitment to social responsibility, promoting employment programmes, internship and encouraging young, energetic persons to apply for jobs. During our visit to the job fair, we convinced ourselves that our company was highly interesting to young people who see NIS as a desirable employer and the right place to improve professional skills and knowledge and develop their professional careers. NIS attended "Amending Serbian Labour Law" Round-table Meeting NIS also participated in the round-table meeting on the highly significant and topical issue of amending Serbian Labour Law. Our Company was represented by Snežana Lakićević PhD, Manager for Cooperation with Universities and Member of Regulations Board. The roundtable meeting was also attended by Jasenka Čvoro from the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy, Dragan Đukić, Director of Employment Mediation and Career Planning Sector, National Employment Agency, Miroslav Pribilović and Ksenija Vukčević, Labour Law Department of the Human Resources and Organisational Development Sector, Delhaize, as well as Marko Radović, Serbian Union of Employers.