NIS at Career Fair “Top Job”

April 5, 2017

NIS has supported this year's career fair “Top Job”, which is held at the Mixer House in Belgrade on 5 and 6 April Candidates will also be able to hand in their CVs at the booth or to submit their applications by e-mail. On behalf of NIS, the career fair was officially opened by Đorđe Hadži Kostić, Director of Recruitment and Selection Sector, who pointed out that similar events provide a unique opportunity both for employers and job seekers to get to know labour market needs in a single place. Support for this career fair is only a fraction of the activities carried out by the company for the purpose of employing the young. One of such programmes is “NIS Chance”, as part of which the company employs young, inexperienced university or secondary school graduates. Over 800 people have been part of the programme to date, with 114 young experts having signed their employment contracts this year alone. NIS stand at career fair “Top Job” NIS also pays special attention to those who might apply their knowledge at the company in the future. More than 90 students have been part of the scholarship programme at NIS, and they attend lectures in Serbian and prestigious universities in the Russian Federation. During the programme, NIS invests in scholarship holders in the form of annual programmes of traineeship, participation in summer schools, field visits, and foreign language courses. Once the scholarship period ends, scholarship holders get employment at NIS. For five years now, the company has been implementing the programme “Energy of Knowledge”, thus cooperating with educational and scientific institutions, improving and creating modern working conditions and thereby setting up study programmes and adjusting them to fit labour market needs. In 2016, NIS got a series of rewards in recognition of its constant investment in education, competent personnel and its employees. NIS became the first company to win the prestigious St. Sava Award for its contribution to improvement of education quality in Serbia. The award is given by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. Moreover, the company won the first award in Talent Management in Serbia in 2016, as part of a competition organised by Stanton Chase International, while being ranked the second most desirable employer in the labour market Serbia.