NIS at the 14th Belgrade Stock Exchange International Conference

November 19, 2015

Igor Korać, a Deputy Director of the Energy Block at NIS Igor Korać, a Deputy Director of the Energy Block, took this occasion to present NIS’ transformation from the oil and gas company to an energy company. Numerous projects in the Energy Block, such as combined generation – gas utilization to generate electricity and head, production and sales of compressed natural gas, electricity trading and use of geothermal energy, were highlighted. “NIS currently owns 13 mini power plants in Serbia and the investments in this business segment exceed 15 million euros. Electricity production reached an output of 11.5 MW, which is enough to supply electricity to 10.000 households on the average”, said Igor Korać, Deputy Director of the Energy Block in NIS. Korać also commented on the company’s achievements in the production and sale of compressed natural gas. NIS is the first large network of petroleum stations to include in its offer this energy-generating product. Compressed natural gas is not only used as an alternative fuel for all types of vehicles, but also as an important energy source in the industry. It is considered to be the fuel of the future, both because of its environmentally-friendly characteristics, excellent performance and economic viability. In addition, compressed natural gas makes the engine start easier and provides better engine performances. NIS intends to expand this activity and by 2020 NIS plans to sell compressed natural gas at 20 petrol stations across Serbia. At the end of the speech, it was concluded that NIS actively develops innovative solutions that contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment and at the same time increase the internal efficiency in the field of energy savings. NIS is a general sponsor of the 14th Belgrade Stock Exchange International Conference, which was attended by representatives of the most important domestic and regional companies as well as experts from the financial sector in Serbia and the region.