NIS Awarded for Best Relations with Investors

November 20, 2013

NIS received an award bestowed by the Belgrade Stock Exchange for the best relations with the investors. In comparison with last year, the expert committee of the Belgrade Stock Exchange reached a conclusion that NIS had improved the informativeness and completeness of the reports that are published, as well as the relationship of the company employeess with the investment public. Among the companies which are listed on the Belgrade Stock Exchange, NIS received the highest total grade according to the criteria of public presence, the data available on the internet, and the number of meetings with investors. "It is an honour for me to accept this award on behalf of the NIS company. I am glad that the investment public has recognized our efforts in this area. Among the important parameters that were assessed are also the publication of historical reports, publishing the current news and the news archive on the website, the data on the company history as part of the internet presentation, the existence of graphic interactive displays of the changes in the price of stock and sales, the publishing of audio and video recordings of the company business activities, as well as the basic information on the company management. All the innovations that we introduce in this area of business are in line with the current world trends and standards of corporate management," Jelena Miljuš, NIS manager for the relations with investors, said in a statement.   Gordana Dostanić, Managing Director of the Belgrade Stock Exchange and Jelena Miljuš, NIS manager for the relations with investors The committee members who assessed the stock exchanges companies are bankers, brokers, and financial analysts of long standing. The award was presented to NIS at the 12th International Conference of the Belgrade Stock Exchange which was held in Belgrade yesterday. This is the third year running that the company has received the award for the best relations with investors.