NIS awards scholarships to the winners of Mathematics, Physics and Russian Language Olympiads

September 27, 2013

Today in Novi Sad, Mr. Dmitry Fomenko, Director of the Organizational Affairs, signed the agreements on awarding scholarships to the participants of the NIS` Energy of Knowledge project and winners in Serbian Olympiads in Mathematics, Physics and Russian Language, organized by NIS this year. NIS awarded a scholarship to Milan Krstajić, the winner of the Serbian Physics Olympiad and silver medal winner in the International Physics Olympiad in Denmark, which will cover all four years of studies at Trinity College of the University in Cambridge. By the end of the school year, NIS is awarding a scholarship to Maksim Stokić, the student of the fourth grade of the Mathematical Grammar School who won a silver medal at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Columbia and who is going to be awarded a four-year university scholarship, as well. This form of scholarship has also been awarded to Anđela Petronić, the winner of the Russian Language Olympiad. Milan Krstajić said, “I would like to thank NIS for the scholarship and for everything the company has done for our competitions this year. This year has been a magnificent experience for me.” Maksim Stokić said, “I thank NIS for the scholarship, which means a great deal to me, as well as to all young people involved in science.” Anđela Petronić said, “I have a deep gratitude towards this big Serbian company. I am thrilled with the organization of the Olympiad and I enjoyed competing in it. Russian language is my love and I want to dedicate myself to it entirely. I am now highly stimulated to continue my studies of the language in the future, as well.” Snezana Lakićević, NIS` manager for cooperation with universities said, “Last December this project was entitled Energy of Knowledge. NIS had previously cooperated with faculties and universities and this cooperation is now additionally strengthened and improved. These young people have been granted scholarships which provide them an opportunity to study Russian and become a part of our energy of knowledge team via visiting lectureships within the next NIS` campus.”