NIS Awards Winners of 2019 Serbian Chemistry Olympiad

July 18, 2019

The ceremony was held at the Faculty of Chemistry in Belgrade, and was attended by the representatives of this faculty, the Serbian Chemical Society and NIS. Mihailo Milošević from the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade received the golden statue, Igor Topalović from Užice Grammar School was awarded the silver one, while Aleksandra Ljubenović from Leskovac Grammar School and Filip Kodžić from the Mathematical Grammar School in Belgrade received bronze statues. Vadim Smirnov, Deputy CEO of NIS and the director of the Department for Governmental Relations and Corporate Communications, addressed the attendees, underlining that NIS has been supporting the Serbian Chemistry Olympiad and helping our students travel to this international chemistry competition for the previous 6 years. He highlighted that Serbian students achieve outstanding results on international competitions and said that he is pleased that NIS can contribute to their education and the considerable successes they achieve on a regular basis. Vesna Mišković Stanković, the president of the Serbian Chemical Society, spoke about the numerous activities of the Society, the 9th oldest society in Europe founded as far back as 1897. Professor Dušan Sladić, the president of the Committee for the Organisation of the Serbian Chemistry Olympiad, highlighted the importance of the concept of the Serbian Chemical Society, which was modelled on the International Olympiad and includes the same type of questions and problems, which simplifies both the selection and preparation of participants of this competition. Ljubodrag Vujisić, Vice Dean for Science at the Faculty of Chemistry, also addressed the attendees and the young chemists, saying that the Faculty of Chemistry is honoured to welcome young and talented chemists, and that the doors of this faculty will always be open and all its literature available to them, in recognition of their efforts and extraordinary successes. Serbia has been a participant of international chemistry competitions since 2012, and in these 7 years, our students have won 23 medals in total. NIS has been providing support to the Serbian team at chemistry competitions since 2014.