NIS becomes member of Advisory Panel for the Industry – Energy Charter

August 14, 2015

IAP was established in virtue of the decision made by Energy Charter Conference in 2004 as a consulting body of the Conference and its working bodies dealing with matters pertaining to investments into the power generation sector, trade, transit, energy efficiency and revamp of processes per se within Energy Charter. It was devised as an instrument in its own right to communicate opinion and advice coming from industry representatives with special focus on risk mitigation, business operation conditions streamlining, clean energy supply, sustainable energy development and energy security. The members of IAP represent power generation sector in member-nations, signatories and observers at the Energy Charter Agreement, so the possibility of granting membership to NIS came as a result of the observers status held by the Republic of Serbia. The main objective of this panel’s activity is to strengthen interaction between the political structures of the Charter member-countries with the industry representatives. Having been granted the IAP membership, NIS obtained the right to actively participate in discussions, share experience with other members and contribute to shape IAP advisory opinion.