NIS campaign of support to the local community – Free Waste Containers for Žitiste Municipality

September 26, 2012

By donating one million dinars NIS helped the purchase of waste containers in Žitiste Municipality in view of improved, more efficient and organised waste management and disposal in Žitiste Municipality. As a part of the joint action, NIS and Žitiste Municipality distributed 500 waste containers to the residents of 12 local communities. This campaign of support is one many campaigns implemented in Žitiste and Zrenjanin and is a part of the corporate program “Cooperation for Development” which aims to assist all municipalities, which signed the cooperation agreement with NIS, through the allocation of funds for the purpose of financing projects in different areas. On this occasion, Ms Sanja Lubardić, a Director of the Department for External Communication, said: “NIS is very proud of ever growing cooperation with municipalities in the country and good partnership relations. Žitiste and Zrenjanin are an essential part of our program which, this year, focuses on equal share of financial support. Half of these funds are provided through public tenders, while, the next year, 100% will be distributed in this manner. Environmental initiatives and ideas were one of the focuses in Žitiste and we believe that it is extremely important to influence and encourage environmental improvement in these communities.”