NIS CEO Attends Exhibition on Petnica

December 8, 2014

The representatives of NIS were introduced to the exhibition by the Director of Petnica, Mr Vigor Majić. The Minister of Education Mr Srdjan Verbić, who himself had participated in a number of programmes run by this scientific institution, was also in attendance. The exhibition entitled Petnica Experiment illustrates the centre’s development and achievements since its establishment in 1982, and shows the results of this year’s Petnica projects in natural and technical sciences and humanities. The exhibition also features a section dedicated to the support NIS has provided to this scientific institution since 2009 through the corporate social responsibility scheme entitled Energy of Knowledge that aims to promote science and youth development and education in Serbia. The Director of Petnica, Mr Vigor Majić, presented the activities and achievements of this centre that represents one of the country’s most important scientific institutions. He also thanked NIS for all the support that had made it possible for the institution to survive and continue with its work: “The cooperation with NIS started in 2009, the year that left Petnica without bare necessities and threw its very existence into question. Owing to NIS, however, Petnica managed to rebound. NIS has continued supporting Petnica ever since, donating 12 million dinars every year, which allows its smooth operation.” NIS CEO, Mr Kirill Kravchenko, addressed the attendees and pointed out the importance of the collaboration of NIS and Petnica which both contributed to developing the professional profiles Serbia needs. Quoting from the famous Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy that “knowledge is a tool, not a goal,” NIS CEO went on to say that Petnica was an invaluable tool Serbia can use to reap benefits in future. He also stressed that NIS would invariably support projects like this and added that even though the company had on-going cooperation with many schools and universities, Petnica would always be of special importance to NIS. “It is the symbol of Serbia, of future and development. NIS will always be Petnica's strategic partner,” said Mr Kirill Kravchenko. Mr Srdjan Verbić, Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, also addressed the attendees: “Any kind of monetary or professional aid is more than welcome and the partnership with NIS is of tremendous importance. Investing in Petnica means investing not only in the students who attend it, but in all of us as well. Thanks to NIS for all the support so far and for all future support.” The Petnica Experiment exhibition opened on 5 December at the SASA Gallery and will be on view until 12 December.