NIS continues to support development of local communities in 2015

February 3, 2015

Kirill Kravchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of NIS, and representatives of ten cities and municipalities in Serbia signed today strategic cooperation agreements on the basis of which NIS will continue to invest in the development of local communities through the program "Together at the Service of Community". According to the signed agreements, NIS will allocate more than 90 million RSD to the best projects on the territory of Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Nis, Cacak, Kanjiza, Novi Becej and Zitiste. For seven years on end NIS has been implementing its local community support programme which is open for the institutions and non-profit associations with projects related to sports, culture, science, environmental protection and assistance to socially deprived categories. Since 2009, NIS has carried out more than 600 projects selected to contribute to the improvement of everyday life in the local community. The amount of almost 800 million RSD has been invested by NIS in these projects so far. Projects are selected by a committee comprised of the representatives of NIS, local communities, and prominent persons in local communities. This year we introduced an option for the local community inhabitants to vote for the projects in their city / community on the internet. Furthermore, it will also be possible this year for the institutions of social importance to join the programme, because the priority of this year's competition is improvement of the quality of projects. In addition to the programme "Together at the Service of Community", NIS invests in the community development through a number of other projects related to the young population in the first place. In that respect, the amount of almost 200 million RSD was invested through the program "Energy of Knowledge"in education and young talents. Owing to the youth employment program "NIS Chance" more than 660 young graduates and technical school leavers without work experience. The company has invested more than 360 million RSD in this project so far. Additional information about the competition: The public competition will be open from 5 February to 26 February and all citizens associations and other institutions from 10 local communities, and Belgrade which joined the programme last year, may apply with projects related to sports, culture, science, environmental protection and assistance to socially deprived categories. The terms and conditions of the public competition will be announced on the website, and all interested parties can send their suggestions to zajednicizajedno@nis.euor apply for it on the website. The Results of the competition will be announced by 8 May 2015.