NIS continues to support Mamut Fest this year

September 12, 2016

This year’s Mamut Fest, a kid’s event which has traditionally been supported by NIS under its programme “Together for the Community” The event is based on the idea to organise a festival for pre-school and primary school children to mark the anniversary of one of the world’s most significant discoveries of mammoth remains, popularly known as Kika, and thus provide an opportunity for the kids to see the most successful exhibitions and workshops hosted last year throughout Serbia and the region. NIS continues to support the project this year, with the aim of promoting and protecting the natural heritage, world heritage and cultural tradition. The National Museum of Kikinda, which is hosting the event, is one of the rare museums in Serbia basing its programme on the authentically local heritage – the Kikinda Mammoth. A 3D video accompanies the exhibit of the mammoth’s fossil remains and the Mamut Fest features a number of educational workshops aiming to develop new skills. NIS has been supporting the cities and municipalities it operates in for eight years running, sponsoring major community projects which promote social and economic development of the local community. The projects selected in the public contest foster local development, facilitate the work of many institutions and improve the activity of cultural, educational and sports organisations. This is yet another year that NIS has earmarked in excess of 110 million dinars through the programme “Together for the Community” to support various projects in the local communities, including Kikinda.