NIS continues with the implementation of the programme of modernisation of technological equipment in the Oilfield Services Block

December 26, 2013

In accordance with the development plan of the technological capacity of the “Oilfield Services" Block, NIS has bought a modern K1 Drilling Rig. The rig, which is made based on state-of-the-art technology, and is equipped with the Dewatering system module, the use of which significantly reduces the amount of used drilling fluids and waste materials during drilling, and thus - environmental risks during construction. The automated system will provide significant control of the drilling process optimization, which will cause significant increase of efficiency of the Oilfield Services, and a higher level of employee safety at the wells. The company Sichuan Honghua Petroleum Equipment (China) produced this unit of equipment. Potential drilling depth capacity with the help of K1 rig reaches 4000 meters. During the implementation of the plan of development of technical and technological capacity of the Oilfield Services, other than the procurement of the K1 rig, is the acquisition of five new well workover rigs by the end of the year includes the organizing of purchasing 4 Dewatering System modules. The total value of investment in equipment of the Oilfield Services in 2013 amounts to more than RSD 2 billion. It is planned that the purchase and delivery of new equipment for the Oilfield Services and to continue in 2014. Technological advancement of the Oilfield Services aims to increase the level of competitiveness of the organizational unit of the company to determine the position of the block on the market of oilfield services in the region. "The employment of new drilling facility will significantly reduce the time of preparation of wells and thus save material resources, which will increase our level of competitiveness in the region, because NIS is almost the only company in the region actively acquiring modern equipment for drilling. Next year plans of procurement of another rig of the same specification, as well as 4 new work-over plants " - said the chief engineer for mechanical works of the Oilfield Services in NIS Alexander Bundaleski.