NIS Cooperates with “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute

June 9, 2017

The Cooperation Memorandum was signed at a ceremony held at NIS Headquarters in Novi Sad by Andrey Shibanov, NIS CEO deputy in charge of Organisational Affairs, and Sanja Vraneš, the CEO of “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute. The document envisages creation of partnership relations between NIS and “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute with a view to upgrade and give impetus to mutual professional and scientific development, connecting the Institute’s technological and scientific work with NIS activities, as well as knowledge and experience exchange. In addition to that, the agreement stipulates joint participation in projects delivered by multilateral and bilateral institutions with a view to implement research-and-development and educational projects. The two parties to the agreeement will exchange their respective experience within the “Power of Knowledge” NIS corporate programme, which has been for five consecutive years successfully striking partnerships with educational and scientific institutions aimed at streamlining conditions for education and study for young experts, as well as adapting study curricula to the needs of the market. Within  this corporate programme, the NIS Company has so far entered into as many as  46 agreeements with both local and international scientific and educational institutions. At a ceremony held at NIS Headquarters in Novi Sad participated representatives of the NIS Company and Belgrade’s “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute „At this day and age of a fast changing technological development, it is necessary to continuously upgrade the gained knowledge. This is why we take special pride in the fact that this cooperation will give impetus to the mutual knowledge and experience exchange among experts of NIS and experts of “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute “, stated Andrey Shibanov, NIS CEO deputy in charge of Organisational Affairs. On the occasion of the ceremonial signing of the Memorandum, a raft of lectures have taken place. Experts and engineers of “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute gave lectures in energy efficiency. Special lectures were given on these topics:  „Software module for optimising operational activities of hybride power infrastructures“, „Simulator of technological plant and exercise machine for training handlers to manage  technological process of combined heat and power plant in regular and emergency mode of production hall operation“, „Project of modernisation of а turbine regulator in MSK Kikinda with a view to reduce the consumption of gas in power generation process for own consumption“, „Car Reloading System Automation at NIS Storage Areas Focusing on Additivation Process“, as well as „Integration of small scale power units powered by natural gas into the electricity distribution system (DEES)“. Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development bestowed on the NIS Company a prestigious “Saint Sava Charter” in 2016. This was the first time a business entity was awarded this prize for investing in the improvement of working conditions at education institutions all over Serbia. “Mihajlo Pupin” Institute is a state-owned and managed research and development institute conducting research in electronics, automatics, process management, computer technology, telecommunications, digital signal processing, information systems, software engineering and robotics.