NIS’ daughter company G-Petrol receives award for top investor in Bosnia and Herzegovina

December 11, 2014

G Petrol runs the network of premium GAZPROM petrol stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which counts 27 facilities after the acquisition of OMV’s network in March last year. 2013 foreign investments in B&H are awarded in four categories: greenfield – brand new investment, acquisition/privatisation, employment opportunities and joint venture. The awards are given every year with the aim of acknowledging the foreign companies with largest investments in the previous year and supporting their future business operations in this market. “I would like to thank you for this recognition of tremendous importance to our company. NIS has invested in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market, along with other markets in the region, with an intention to stay there in the long run and to bring into it new top-quality services and the products supplied from the modern refinery in Pančevo, as well as to improve customer service and relations with the society in general. Today, nearly two years since our breaking into the market, we are certain that it was the right decision to make and that B&H, with all its specific qualities and intricate regulatory system, is the right place to invest in,” said Branko Radujko, Director of G Petrol, at the awarding ceremony.