NIS declared corporate energy superbrand

June 13, 2016

On behalf of the company the award was received by Sanja Lubardic, the corporate PR Director. NIS has won the corporate superbrand title for the second time in this category, confirming yet again its power and brand awareness. On behalf of the company the award was received by Sanja Lubardic, the corporate PR Director. NIS was included in the publication Corporate Superbrands Srbija 2015/2016, which promotes the most powerful corporate brands in Serbia. Award in the category „Energy“ reflects the realm of the NIS Company business activity and is a symbol of its transformation from an oil and gas producing company into a regional energy holding, which constantly broadens its business activity. By the same token, this award reflects a strategic objective of the NIS Company to operate pursuant to sustainable development principles. With its support to young talents, science, education, culture, local communities’ development, as well as to humanitarian projects, NIS provides the „Energy, which drives towards the better“. It is extremely important that NIS as a leading brand in the category „Energy“ was recognised both by the members of the Professional Council and by 1.000 Serbian citizens, who took part in an opinion poll. This award will serve as a great impetus for the company in its quest to reach its strategic objective of becoming a leading regional energy holding and continue investing in the local communities’ development, in particular the young, testament to this being the motto of the NIS Company „Future at Work“. This year, around 2.000 companies, organisations and institutions operating in Serbia competed for the prize. They were split into 34 categories by their respective business activities. Superbrand is a licenced programme activated in 1994 in Great Britain and is world’s leading brands promoting platform, active in more than 80 countries. In Serbia, it was organised for the third time, aiming at promoting the most powerful companies, organisations and institutions in Serbia.