NIS Donates to Oncology Institute in Belgrade

January 23, 2014

As part of the humanitarian action “Love Heals“, the children’s ward of the Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology received today a donation from NIS and the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR) -- a medical chair scale for weighing patients who have difficulty moving. This is part of a broader initiative of NIS and its employees, within which funds have been raised for obtaining the necessary medical instruments – laminar flow cabinets, used for the preparation of cytostatic therapy, infusion and syringe pumps, and additional equipment which will facilitate the treatment and recovery of children stricken with malignant diseases. The instruments and equipment are intended for the Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Vojvodina Institute for Health Care of Children and Youth, Children’s Internal Diseases Clinic in Niš, Children’s University Clinic, Institute for Maternal and Child Health Care “Dr Vukan Čupić”, as well as “for NURDOR’s parent homes for accommodating children and their families from the provinces during treatment in Belgrade, Niš, and Novi Sad.” NIS has also given support for this New Year’s philanthropic action of its employees by re-directing to the action the funds earmarked for gifts to business partners, thus equalling the amount raised by the NIS employees. The Company fans on Facebook have joined in with their messages of support, and NIS has donated 30 RSD for each Facebook user’s entry. “On behalf of the Pediatric Oncology Service of the Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology, I would like to thank NIS and the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer for an exceptionally useful donation to our ward. In the Pediatric Oncology Service, over a hundred children with malignant diseases are treated every year. Serbian Institute of Oncology and Radiology is the reference institution and an only institution in Serbia and the region at which children with the so-called solid tumours -- bone and brain tumours – are treated. Children are treated in accordance with the international protocols entailing a multidisciplinary approach (surgical treatment, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy) and medication dosages based on body surface area and body weight. With children who have difficulty moving or cannot move due to their illness, a performed surgical procedure, or their generally poor condition, it is difficult to measure the body weight by the so-called standing scale. The chair scale, as a very useful donation from NIS, will make body weight measuring in this group of children easier and more precise,“ Dr Lejla Paripović, Head of the Pediatric Oncology Service, pointed out. “We are convinced that the support of NIS and its employees in the ’Love Heals’ initiative will contribute to a higher quality of treatment, and open up the road to the recovery of youngsters with malignant diseases. We are very proud of the solidarity and philanthropy that we as the company employees have shown in helping those who are in need of help,“ Sanja Lubardić, Director of the NIS External Communications Department, said in a statement. “We are delighted that the collaboration with NIS continues and expands to include equipping all children’s hemato-oncological wards in the country. The mission of the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer is continued investment in improving the quality of treatment and life of the young patients. This important donation from NIS is a significant contribution to this,“ Todor Mančić, President of the NURDOR Executive Board, said on the occasion. The “Love Heals“ initiative is one of many through which our Company and employees support children with cancer and the NURDOR association. In 2013 alone, NIS provided fuel for the transportation of the ill youngsters, made possible the participation of children in the “Open School of Tennis“ action, as well as meeting and spending time with the members of the Davis Cup Team, and New Year’s gift packs.