NIS educates managers

April 9, 2012

Daily newspaper “Kurir”

The specialty studies under the title “European Integrations” for eighteen managers of NIS a.d. officially commenced on the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. This specific program will last until mid 2013 and will be conducted within the partner cooperation between NIS a.d., the University of Novi Sad and the famous Brussels business institute. The attendees of the program under specialty studies, carefully selected by NIS management, will attend the courses in effective and applied management, European law and global development trends in the sphere of intercultural communication and negotiation skills which will be presented by local and international experts and teachers. Kyril Kravchenko, NIS Managing Director. Of NIS said that corporate development envisages a serious integration in the European community. We must be familiar with the way the European Union lives and operates and how successful companies at the European level are to be managed. Such knowledge is extremely important for further efficient business operations of our company and for a further career of all of us, noted Kravchenko.