NIS employees donated ultrasound diagnostic devices to Maternity Hospital in Novi Sad

September 14, 2016

NIS employees donated ultrasound diagnostic devices to the Clinical Center of Vojvodina This is a wider philanthropic campaign of NIS Company in which all the employees, together with the company’s donation, collected more than RSD 4.5 million, and thus enabled the procurement of four CTG devices and a mobile colour ultrasound machine, which enable the monitoring of status of pregnant women and new mothers 24/7. The donation also secured air conditioners for this maternity hospital. This humanitarian campaign is merely one of many programs that NIS is conducting as part of its corporate social responsibility, and thus contributes to improvement of health care in institutions in Serbia. For NIS, support to younger generations also represents the implementation of company’s slogan, “Future at Work” (Budućnost na delu), in practice. Despite the crisis in the oil and gas sector, the company has continued to invest in corporate social responsibility, and a total of RSD 35.3 million was invested through humanitarian projects only in 2015. The representatives of NIS and Clinical Center of Vojvodina “Thanks to this charity campaign of employees and our company together, we showed both as individuals and as a company that we truly care for the community in which we do business, especially for the youngest, who are the future of our country. Let this successful campaign be yet another motive for us to continue our humanitarian activities and show that the future really is written with the heart,” stated Sanja Lubardic, Director of the PR and Communication Function, who presented the donation to the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina on behalf of NIS Company. Bogdan Basta, expert coordinator for HSE and interventions support – Plant „Overhaul“, on behalf of the employees of NIS has said: “I am honoured and pleased that we, as employees of NIS, with the support of our management, have initiated and supported this action “The future is written with the heart“ and have succeeded in this way to help to be as much as possible babies in this country. In the coming period we will continue to carry out this activity in which will participate employees”. The donation was presented by Sanja Lubardic, Director of the PR and Communication Function, and Bogdan Basta, NIS employee Tihomir Vejnovic, Director of the Clinic for Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina, at the ceremony of donation delivery, said: “This is a big day for us. First of all, this is a sign of great humanity and goodness of people who allocated their funds to assist in the monitoring of deliveries over 6,500 new mothers each year at our Clinic. In addition to the cardio photography device with this donation we received significant ultrasound device, by which we can very quickly detect disturbances in the process of childbirth. Thanks to this humane act and this donation we will improve the quality of childbirth supervision at our clinic”.