NIS employees present a donation to Paediatric Cancer

February 28, 2014

As part of the humanitarian campaign 0 "Love Heals", NIS employees todaypresented a donation to the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth in Novi Sad. The Institute was presented a laminar flow cabinet, a device required for proper treatment of children with cancer. NIS employees implement this humanitarian campaign together with the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (NURDOR). A laminar flow cabinet enables safe dissolution of cytostatics, provides higher accuracy diagnostics and safer work of employees. The employees and Company have started a campaign to collect aid for these children, not only to financially support their treatment, but also to show them and their families love and solidarity. By raising funds and engaging the wider community through social networks, along with the support of NIS, our colleagues made an effort to join the children and their parents in the fight for recovery. The “Love Heals” humanitarian campaign is focused on helping cancer-stricken children who are treated in one of the Serbian Haematological Centres in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš. So far, the humanitarian campaign involving the employees has facilitated the purchase of equipment and apparatus necessary for the treatment of sick children, and provided donations for furnishing the Parents’ Home in Belgrade for accommodating children and their families from the provinces during treatment. “With this campaign we have tried not to forget those who are in need of help. The response of our colleagues was amazing and it has encouraged us to continue in much the same spirit. We sincerely hope that we have managed to show our support for these children and their families. Hoping that the equipment will contribute to a faster recovery and bring back joy into the lives of children and their loved ones, we will continue to participate in similar campaigns, aware that love has healing powers, indeed” said Milorad Burić, employed in NIS Energy Management Sector, who, together with three other colleagues, presented the donation to the Institute today. “Wishing that our children grow up to be great people, we have provided them with what they need the most – love. The essence of each gift is to show care and affection for others. I am proud that our colleagues, NIS employees, have shown dedication in making the lives of others easier”, said Svetlana Vycherova, Director of the Function for PR and communication.