NIS employs 114 young experts

March 31, 2017

New generation of “NIS Chance” programme attendees signed employment contracts at NIS Headquarters in Novi Sad today On this occasion, the NIS Headquarters has also staged the signing of the Agreement on the completion of the “NIS Chance” project between the NIS Company and Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. The Agreement stipulating mutual rights and obligations related to the employment of graduate college and high school students in NIS was signed by Andrei Shibanov, NIS Organisational Affairs Director and Ivan Đoković, Province’s Economy and Tourism Secretary. Employees, who signed their contracts in Novi Sad today, will be posted at work places in the Serbian towns of Pančevo, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Kikinda and Elemir. Contracts were signed by a total of 114 young experts - 73 operators and engineers to be employed in Refining and 41 engineers, who will be the employees of the company’s other divisions. Graduate students with no professional experience, as well as high technical school graduate students with no professional experience were eligible to apply for “NIS Chance” programme. In 2010 NIS commenced the “First Chance” programme, which offered employment to youngsters. Two years later it became a “NIS Chance” programme. “More than 800 people entered “NIS Chance” programme and their majority still works and contributes to the successful development of our company. Today we have a raft of various experts on staff – mining engineers, processing engineers, geology engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and this entire plethora of expertise ensures the upgrade of NIS, as one of region’s best performing companies. I would like to wish all the best to each and every one of you and advise you to acquire new skills and experience on a daily basis, as it will greatly facilitate your career growth. I take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of our partners in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina for their assistance in delivering this useful programme. There is no doubt we will pool our efforts to continue this nice practice “, said Andrei Shibanov, NIS Organisational Affairs Director in his greeting speech to “NIS Chance” candidates. In 2010 NIS commenced the “First Chance” programme, which offered employment to youngsters. Two years later it became a “NIS Chance” programme. Ivan Đoković, Province’s Economy and Tourism Secretary, also greeted NIS new employees and said: “I can tell you that you came aboard of the country’s most regulated company. Its corporate management, business processes, administration and above all its corporate and social responsibility, in terms of employees safety, environment protection, as well as the attitude towards the host country, where the company operates, ranked NIS among world’s top five crude oil and gas processing companies. For this particular reason, your professional commencement in it would be a great reference for your further career growth. It makes me extremely happy that the Government of Vojvodina provided support to this programme, not just because it creates new jobs, but also because it helped retain a group of  highly qualified youngsters in engineering in Serbia and involve them in working process.“ Pursuant to its motto “Future at Work”, NIS thus seeks to ensure employment for young experts upon their graduation and gain required experience, while providing experts required for the company’s successful business operation.