NIS Employs 88 Young People

July 1, 2014

The new generation of the “NIS Chance“ programme participants has signed employment contracts today at the NIS business centre in Novi Sad. In this stage, the contracts were signed by 88 young graduates who applied to the NIS open competition. Through this competition, the company employs applicants with university degrees without professional work experience, as well as those with technical secondary school degrees without work experience. Out of the 88 new employees, 69 have university degrees, and 19 have secondary school degrees. Nataša Stamenković, NIS HR Director, and Miroslav Vasin, Economy, Employment, and Gender Equality Secretary of Vojvodina, welcomed them today, and wished them a successful beginning and professional development at one of the biggest energy companies in the region. Over 760 people have been employed up until the present day as part of the youth employment programme, which was started in 2010 through the “First Chance” programme, and transformed in 2012 into the “NIS Chance“ programme to bring it in line with the company needs.