NIS Equips Classroom in Aleksinac Grammar School

October 9, 2014

The classroom has been adapted and equipped with 10 computers with accessories. The new IT classroom and the first bilingual, Russian-Serbian class, enrolling 24 students this year, were presented at the Aleksinac Grammar School. The bilingual class is a good example of successful promotion and popularisation of the Russian language, effectively achieved through NIS' Energy of Knowledge Programme and with strong commitment of Russian teachers and the Grammar School's management. The adaptation of the IT classroom and establishment of a bilingual class have been carried out as part of NIS' Energy of Knowledge Programme involving cooperation between the company and Serbian schools and universities. The official opening of the IT classroom and promotion of the bilingual class was attended by Andrey Shibanov, Deputy CEO of NIS, representatives of Aleksinac Municipal Assembly, Kosta Crnčević, Director of Aleksinac Grammar School, numerous professors and students. "We believe that our key tasks are to keep contributing to the improvement of youth education and to assist in the development of top-grade professionals. NIS will continue with its efforts to develop education at the local level," said Mr Andrey Shibanov. The Energy of Knowledge is a programme launched by NIS in an effort to foster partnership with domestic educational institutions and provide support to creating top experts who will work with NIS. Cooperation entails scholarships to best students, the Company's internship programmes, professional development in the Company, acquisition of new knowledge and implementation of joint science research projects. The Energy of Knowledge also includes support programmes for secondary school children, as well as organisation and sponsorship of all levels of competitions (school, municipal, regional and national) and Olympiads in mathematics, physics and the Russian language.