NIS Exhibits Vojvodina Nature Images to Celebrate Nature Protection Day

April 11, 2017

NIS Company staged at its Novi Sad headquarters a ceremonial opening to the exhibition of exquisite Vojvodina’s nature images to celebrate the 11th April, Nature Protection Day This unique exhibition entitled „Vojvodina’s Nature“ seeks to educate the public and raise its awareness on the importance of the natural environment preservation for future generation, along with the introduction to the beauty and diversity of the surrounding nature. 40 photographs taken by nine outstanding photographers, experts and nature lovers feature at the exhibition. These photographs are teaming with abundant knowledge, patience, state-of-the-art photographic gear, most of all love. Each and every photograph tells its story along with a wish to preserve the nature for future generations. The authors of the photographs are:  Jožef Gergelj, Jovan Lakatoš,  Katarina Paunović,  Geza Farkaš,  Predrag Kostin, Dragiša Savić,  Vladimir Dobretić and  Darko Timotić. NIS set up the exhibition in association with the Provincial Nature Protection Authority The ceremonial opening to the exhibition was greeted by speeches of: Ulrich Peball, NIS HSE Director, Brankica Tabaković,  the official of the Provincial Secrertary for Urban Planning and Environment Protection, Dr. Biljana Panjković, the Provincial Nature Protection Authority Director and the authors of photographies: Jaroslav Pap  and  Jožef Gergelj. The exhibition is a common effort of NIS and the Provincial Nature Protection Authority entitled “Take Care of the Nature” that will feature a documentary entitled “Danube – the River of Life” produced by Dr Oliver Fojkar demonstrating the natural wealth and resources under the state protection along the Danube’s course in Serbia. Other than that, leaflets will be distributed among drivers at selected NIS refueling stations in Vojvodina, providing principal data on the natural wealth and resources in Vojvodina, under the state protection and recommendations to visitors as to how to conduct themselves to preserve these gems of nature. NIS compliance with sustainable development principles envisages a genuine care of environment protection that prompts delivery of projects seeking to comply with topmost stringent environmental standards, efficient and responsible use of available resources, boost of energy efficiency and tapping into renewable energy soruces.  NIS activities and accomplishments in environment protection have been constantly streamlined with a view to raise environmental awarements both in individuals and the community at large.