NIS gives 150 MLN RSD for Seismic Survey Data Processor

April 9, 2014

NIS has provided a 150 million-worth seismic survey data processor for its Research and Development Centre. This IBM-made “super computer” comprises 130 TB discs and 128 CPU Xeon E5-2680 processors, which make possible large quantities of seismic survey data to be processed in real time. This significantly boosts the efficiency of the work process, as it cuts by half the time needed for data processing. Other than that, this provides a significantly better image of the surveyed areas to experts dealing with data interpretation. English text by Branislav Šiljković Specifically, the incorporated processing algorithms transform billions of bits of seismic data into the earth sub-surface images making possible to geologists to visualize the existing formations with great accuracy. The new equipment improves the quality of geophysical exploration, while making it less time-consuming, resulting in better seismic survey data processing along with reduced exploration risks. It provides the so called 4D seismic survey reservoir monitoring. At this junction, NIS Geophysics Department within the corporate Research and Development Centre is processing 3D seismic data acquired from Serbia’s Sirakovo survey. The company is poised to offer data processing services to third parties world over. It should be noted that the Research and Development Centre is the hub of all innovations in NIS. In 2011-2012, the Company set up a Technical and Scientific Council of Experts tasked with pursuing innovation across the corporate board. In light of this, the experts working in this centre are to deliver as many as 28 innovation projects by 2015. Serbia’s unified computer network for seismic survey data processing employs the ultimate IT technologies. NIS truly makes huge steps in making use of state-of-the-art technologies in the realm of crude oil and gas exploration, the new equipment being just one in the string,” says Violeta Nicić Jorović, the lady director of the Sector for Geophysics within NIS Research and Development Centre.