NIS gives presents to children from the “Children are the World’s Jewels” Association

January 25, 2019

NIS pledged funds for the presents, which included items requested by “Children are the World’s Jewels”, in order to improve the association’s work and the living conditions of children and young people with developmental issues and disabilities who live with foster families. Happiness was brought to over 50 youngsters by the gifts, which included books, sweets and toys, as well as other items that would not only brighten up their day, but also improve their quality of everyday life. Ljiljana Koković, Assistant to the Mayor of Novi Sad, Ivana Zirojević, President of the “Children are the World’s Jewels” Association and NIS volunteers were present at the event. “Even though the time of Christmas gift-giving is behind us, there is always the right time to organize an activity to support those in need of that help. The presents we are giving today are donations from NIS, and act as a good example of cooperation between socially responsible companies, the City of Novi Sad, civil society organizations and also media in the organization, realization and promotion of such activities. In the upcoming period, the City of Novi Sad will continue to support events which aim to highlight and promote true community values”, said Ljiljana Koković, Assistant to the Mayor of Novi Sad. Ivana Zirojević, President of “Children are the World’s Jewels”, added: “This is an example of the activities we conduct in order to spread the awareness of fostered and disabled children, and presents a good example of inter-sector cooperation of local government, private sector and non-governmental organizations. We have been given the opportunity to organize such an event thanks to support from the City of Novi Sad and in particular our donor, NIS. The philanthropy and humanity of NIS should be emphasized and celebrated. Their desire and enthusiasm to help parallel our association’s aims.” Bojana Štrbac, NIS’s Coordinator for Employee Relations, emphasized that humanitarian activities are an essential element of the company’s operations, and that caring for society’s youngest members is equally important to the company and individuals within it: “Since NIS has long been a socially oriented company, the Volunteer Club was formed within the company, in accordance with its requirements, and also the basic human desire to make the world a better place. Our volunteers are here today to make a donation to “Children are the World’s Jewels”, but also to spend some quality time with the children. I am sure that we will look back on this event with happy memories.” Children from “Svetozar Marković Toza” elementary school in Novi Sad also prepared their own gift; a performance for their friends in the audience. As with all previous events where members of NIS’s Volunteer Club met and socialized with young children of various backgrounds, this event was filled with joy and happiness. In line with the company’s corporate slogan “Future at Work”, NIS participates in humanitarian and philanthropic activities around the country, and supports both medical institutions of vital importance for the entire community and associations that aim to protect and improve the quality of life of society’s most vulnerable individuals and groups.