NIS has introduced a new eco-friendly drilling method

February 21, 2014

Daily newspaper "Blic" At its drill hole in Kikinda, NIS has introduced a new method of drilling, applying the principle of " dry locations, media writes. This is one of the most advanced technologies used by world's leading oil companies and meets the strictest environmental standards. In the first quarter of this year, NIS will apply these new methods to four drilling facilities, for which USD 480 million has been approved. This method provides maximum protection of soil, water and the environment from pollution, and is fully compliant with national and European regulations in the field of ecology, geological research, and safety and health at work. By applying this technology in achieved significant economic savings is achieved- highlights NIS . Drilling Plant "N -3" in the well "Ki H -1" in Kikinda is the first drilling rig of NIS which is equipped with additional accessories and in which the " dry location " method is applied. Thanks to the ‘dry location` methods, we now have a more efficient and economical process of drilling, which is in accordance with the highest environmental standards in this area. It is estimated that savings by using this new technology by the end of 2016 amount to 831 million dinars, explained the manager of the technical issues in the NIS Block Services, Aleksandar Bundaleski .