NIS helps Children’s Shelter in Belgrade

December 25, 2014

The Children's shelter is the only one of its kind in Belgrade ready to help at any time to poverty-stricken, neglected or abused children who are forced to work or live on the streets. More than 150 children use the Shelter, and the donation granted by NIS provides them with meals, hygiene and health services, clothing and footwear, psychological support, creativity and educational workshops, temporary emergency accommodation and other essential services. The programme "Cooperation for Development" was designed as a way to create firm partnership relations with the local communities where NIS operates. It goes on for six years now and an open competition "Together at the service of Community" has been organized as part of it for three years on end. This year the competition was organized in cooperation with 11 local communities. The projects that are selected in the open competition contribute to the development of local communities, make work easier for numerous institutions and improve the work of cultural, educational and sports institutions.