NIS host a conference dedicated to the system of open education

March 24, 2017

The meeting opened Andrej Shibanov, NIS Deputy CEO and Manager of Function for Organizational Issues The conference presented current trends in education to the BAEKTEL platform to enable anyone wishing to improve their skills through access to electronic materials, scientific content and teaching of universities across Europe. Being a company that constantly applies innovation in business and provides a significant contribution to improving the quality of education in the country, NIS as a partner from the industry supported the project that aims to improve and modernize the knowledge and skills and make them widely available. In this Project NIS collaborated with the Faculty of Mining and Geology, long-time strategic partner of the Company. The meeting opened Andrej Shibanov, NIS Deputy CEO and Manager of Function for Organizational Issues and said that is a great pleasure to NIS has the opportunity to host the final of the conference of TEMPUS program aimed at promoting education, continuous improvement of knowledge and skills as well as strengthening links between industry and scientific-educational sector. “At the present time, which is marked by rapid technological developments it is necessary to continuously improve knowledge acquired. Therefore, we are proud that the NIS is the part of this European project whose goals coincide with the values ​​promoted by NIS when it comes to improvements in education and science and their connection with the economy”, said Shibanov. The meeting attended NIS scholars, today successful experts in the field of oil and gas, which were talking about the application of best practices and knowledge in the industry, as well as the exchange of knowledge between economy and education. Applying international standards and investment in education, the company NIS in 2016 became the first company in Serbia that for contribution to improve the quality of education received “St. Sava Award” from Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. BAEKTEL is part of the TEMPUS program, which aims to use open educational resources for the promotion of knowledge with the help of new technologies, both during their studies and after them. Open education is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular in the world and based on open educational resources that are widely available for teaching, learning and research. In addition to regional universities in Serbia (Universities in Belgrade, Kragujevac and Nis), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Universities of Banja Luka and Tuzla) and Montenegro (Mediterranean University in Podgorica), the project was attended by the University of Basilicata in Italy as a project coordinator, Technical University in Iasi, Romania, and the University of Ljubljana. A special place in the project took industrial partners, NIS and ArcelorMittal from Prijedor.