NIS Introduced a New Business Direction with Aviation Fuel

March 6, 2012

NIS presented to the media a modernised business direction with aviation fuel produced at the Pančevo Oil Refinery. Journalists were presented the NIS investment in three new specialised tank trucks for aircraft supply. For this occasion aircraft refuelling process was demonstrated, and media representatives visited the Aeroservice and NIS storage facility. The refuelling procedure at the Belgrade Airports was presented in detail by Milan Nikić, Aviation Fuel Sales Sector Director, accompanied by Alexandr Medvedev, Foreign Trade Department Director, and Goran Šurlan, JAT representative. For this occasion it was mentioned that NIS covers 90 per cent of the Serbian aviation fuel market, and that it the largest supplier of two international airports in the country (Belgrade and Niš). As a part of the modernisation process regarding production and sales of aviation fuel NIS procured three new specialized tank trucks for supplying the Belgrade Airport. Due to an investment of a million euro, NIS secured a long-term, regular, timely and safe supply of aircrafts at the Belgrade Airport. New tank trucks were built according to the latest global trends and with a construction appropriate for supplying conditions at the Belgrade Airport and requests regarding the time needed for refuelling the aircraft (on average 5-7 minutes). State-of-the-art measuring and safety equipment is integrated into the tank trucks. Amongst others, they are equipped with speed limiters, reversing cameras, loading platforms for easier aircraft refuelling. Measuring equipment prints the shipping document so that the customer can verify all the parameters of jet fuel being delivered. Vehicles are branded, having the new tri-colour NIS Petrol brand. Bearing in mind the importance of air traffic safety, NIS devotes special attention to aviation fuel quality control procedure, from the moment of production at the Pančevo Oil Refinery, to its delivery to the aircrafts. Multiple controls are conducted at the facility in the Aeroservice laboratory. Moreover, the reservoirs and the tank trucks are equipped with special filters. Jet fuel produced by NIS is compliant with the international and domestic standards for this type of aviation fuel, verified by high marks in regular reports of international association and airline inspections. At the Belgrade Airport, NIS has a state-of-the-art facility for storage and distribution of aviation fuel, which is at the same time the best equipped facility of its kind in the region. NIS Aeroservice fulfils strict supply standards, when it comes to reliability and speed. This is verified by high marks from the IATA international association, which controls all segments of air traffic. NIS supplies all large airlines that use the Belgrade Airport – Lufthansa Group, Air France, Alitalia, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, Аeroflot… The largest customer at the Belgrade Airport is the national airline Јаt Airways, with who NIS has been in business for several decades. Results in 2011: NIS achieved significant results. It made the largest sales in the previous 20 years (74.500 tons) and around 21.000 deliveries of aviation fuel to aircrafts. Implementation of the regional market expansion strategy has started, and one million euro was invested in procurement of new tank trucks, as a part of business modernisation. Regional Expansion: NIS is planning an increase in regional aviation fuel market share. Apart from regular export to Romania in 2011, in the coming period it is planned to supply to airports in Hungary. Regional business expansion will be fully enabled upon the finalisation of the modernisation of Pančevo refinery complex, which will secure a annual production of 140.000 tons of aviation fuel.