NIS Invested in Excess of 30 million Euros in Amine Plant

September 5, 2016

NIS Company has invested more than 30 million Euros in construction of the Amine Plant Operation of this modern facility helps increase the quality of domestically produced natural gas through the separation of carbon dioxide and other gaseous impurities, while contributing to an increase in the volume of gas production. In addition to the positive business effect, this project has an important environmental component, because the technology used in the Amine Plant is one of the safest in terms of environmental impact. Specifically, the processing method in this plant is such that it completely prevents release of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore contributes to reducing the effect of "greenhouse gases". The technology applied in the Amine Plant is HiPACT (High Pressure Acid Gas Capture Technology), one of the most effective among the existing gas processing methods. Its exploitation contributes to increasing the efficiency of the Company's business operations since it allows up to 25 percent saving of heat, electricity, and raw materials compared to the technologies that were previously applied. The plant in Elemir is the first HiPACT plant in Europe, and in this way once again NIS has confirmed itself as a pioneer in the application of latest technologies not only in Serbia, but in the entire continent. NIS achieves a double effect with implementation of this project. Firstly, there is a significant improvement of the quality of domestic natural gas and increase of volume of its production. On the other hand, environmentally friendly production processes in the Amine Plant show that, as a socially responsible company, NIS devotes great care to environmental protection. Amine Plant is a plant for treatment of natural gas with amine (amine is a chemical compound that efficiently binds and removes impurities such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide from natural gas). This produces natural gas of high quality, which is ready for delivery to the public distribution network.