NIS j.s.c. Supports Russian Studies at Belgrade and Novi Sad Universities

January 9, 2013

“The Russian language has a great importance for NIS j.s.c. and we support its promotion in Serbia,” stated Dmitry Fomenko, Deputy CEO and Director of the Organisational Affairs in NIS j.s.c, at the 51st Annual Meeting of Slavists held today at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, adding that NIS j.s.c has significant opportunities in terms of rotation of its experts from NIS j.s.c. to Russia. “We want NIS j.s.c. employees to work not only in Serbia, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, but also at all the locations where Gazprom Neft has opened its branches. We want our Russian colleagues to be able to understand their colleagues from Serbia, to communicate and perform day-to-day assignments using the Russian language,” pointed out Mr Fomenko. As a part of its corporate social responsibility policy, NIS j.s.c. this year plans to implement a major cooperation project with the universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad, within its Science and Young Talents Programme. Among other things, the Science and Young Talents Programme is aimed at encouraging young people to study Russian and thereby become acquainted with the Russian culture. Aleksandra Vraneš, the Dean of the Faculty of Philology at the Belgrade University, and Petar Bunjak, PhD, the Chairman of the Association of Slavists, extended their appreciation to NIS j.s.c. for its assistance in promoting the Russian language and culture in Serbia. The Science and Young Talents Programme is aimed at assisting scientific and research activities, as well as building up scientific potential and supporting talented schoolchildren and students in order to amalgamate scientific theory, research and business practice. The cooperation also includes awarding scholarships to the most successful students, internship in the Company, additional vocational training for the Company’s employees, acquiring new skills and knowledge and implementing joint scientific and research projects.