NIS Launched a Card with Discounts and Benefits for Taxi Drivers

June 24, 2013

Under the slogan “NIS awards 7,000 Taxi Cards”, the Company has launched a promotional campaign targeting Belgrade taxi drivers, within which they will be given a discount when purchasing motor fuel. With “NIS Taxi Card”, at five petrol stations of NIS Petrol in Belgrade, taxi drivers will be able to get discount of 5 Dinars for each liter of Euro Premium BMB 95 and Euro Diesel they buy, as well as 2 Dinars for purchase of auto gas. Petrol stations of NIS Petrol at which taxi drivers may use this discount are the following: -Petrol station “Pop Lukina” (12, Pop Lukina St.); -Petrol station “Nacional” (Motel “Nacional” – Bezanijska Kosa); -Petrol station “Mije Kovacevica” (76, Mije Kovacevica St.) -Petrol station “Zarka Zrenjanina” (44, Zarka Zrenjanina St.); -Petrol station “Gospodar Jevremova” (bb, Gospodar Jevremova St.). NIS Petrol gives away total of 7,000 cards which will be available to all registered taxi drivers. Limit for purchasing the discounted motor fuel is 400 liters per month. In addition, with purchase in the amount of Dinars 1,500 using the card, coffee is offered free of charge. Additional information: All taxi drivers registered in the area of the City of Belgrade may become owners of “NIS Taxi Card” by filling an application available at all NIS Petrol filling stations where this special offer is valid. It is necessary then, to send the filled application to the address: Office of the Corporate Clients Sector, 1, Milentija Popovica St., 11070 Belgrade, with remark that the mail is about taxi card. Apart from that, taxi drivers may also send their applications to e-mail address: Upon verification of documentation, Company NIS will inform taxi drivers, as soon as possible, about time and venue for taking over their NIS Taxi Card. The Card shall be issued on the taxi license number, and its purpose shall be identification and exercise of a right to have discount at NIS Petrol filling stations.