NIS launched IT Classrom in Lazarevac school

April 6, 2015

"Investing in quality education for young people is a priority for all of us and we are grateful that NIS Company recognized the efforts and work of our students and the results achieved are awarded. This IT classroom after being refurbished and equipped will help to achieve better results and more progress," the school Principal, Miroslav Davidovic, pointed out in his words of appreciation of this gesture. As many as 28 pupils of the Lazarevac "Dule Karaklajić" elementary school took part in last year's Russian language competition, for which they were awarded NIS new computer classroom. Other than this school, NIS will in future outfit IT classrooms in eight other primary and secondary schools in Serbia, attended by students who ranked best at competitions in mathematics, physics, chemistry and Russian language. "Computer classrooms, renovated and equipped within the "Power of Knowledge" programme is an award deserved by students, as well as teachers of this school for their effort, work and great results at last year's NIS Olympics in Russian. We hope that this investment will provide better conditions for teaching activities and further progress in all areas of education to you and those generations yet to come to this school, “said Snezana Lakićević, NIS Liaison Executive with universities. Classroom refurbishment and outfitting is carried out within NIS "Power of Knowledge" programme devised with the aim of developing partnership with educational and scientific institutions. The program involves collaboration with universities, colleges and research institutions, scholarships for students, organizing summer schools and camps, as well as the Olympics of knowledge in chemistry, physics, mathematics and Russian language.