NIS launched up-to-date training centre for employees то improve retail sales

November 7, 2013

Today, NIS inaugurated an employee training facility, novel to Serbia, in an effort to streamline its retail network service of almost 400 petrol stations spread all across the Balkans. The facility is outfitted with device to cater to a variety of training programmes, including technical training, technical communication with customers and partners, training in HSE, training for road tankers drivers and maintenance personnel, as well as various educational seminars; the centre has most up-to-date hardware: laptop computers, LCD TV sets and video cameras for IT training. The area is equipped with filling station with fuel and LPG dispensers and a mock vehicle for refuelling, so as to provide a complete simulation of real situation at a petrol station. There are also mechanical and electrical lines, loading manholes, LPG loading/unloading facility, as well as surface fuel tank, enabling clear display of how probes and tanks at a petrol station function. To achieve the most efficient HSE training, special laser training devices for fire extinguishing and fire fighting extinguishers are provided. Training will be provided by highly professional NIS experts in this area, sharing their knowledge and expertise with new employees, and for some special training courses external lecturers will be invited. Today, Kirill Kravchenko, NIS CEO along with other top managers, as well as representatives of unions, were the first students of the first training centre in Belgrade. Right after the training the newly acquired knowledge was immediately put into practice on the spot, at NIS Petrol and GAZPROM petrol stations, where the top management attended to customers. This was a unique opportunity for the CEO and the top management to walk in their workers’ shoes in Sales and Distribution, one of the core activities of NIS. Throughout this year developing sales in the country and the region and the existing retail network modernization have been our company’s pivotal activities. Almost one third of investments of first nine months of 2013, i.e. RSD 11.1 bln have been made in sales and distribution. 10 GAZPROM brand petrol stations operate in Serbia and Bulgaria, 13 in Romania, and in Bosnia-Herzegovina 28 petrol stations serve only EURO 5 quality fuel. By 2015, GAZPROM Network in the Balkans region will include 250 stations, with investment of several hundred million euro. These stations are of premium segment of the Balkan market since they are equipped with restaurants of rich national and international delicacies on offer and a huge variety of additional services, such as Wi-Fi internet, currency exchange, playgrounds for children or car wash. Over the course of this year, 42 petrol stations of NIS Petrol brand have been built, reconstructed and rebranded. In the largest retail network of more than 300 petrol stations we offer oil product of European quality, auto gas and high quality oil and lubricants, shops with rich assortment of products, café, bars or restaurants, with internet connections and spacious parking lots.