NIS Launches Euro BMB 98 on the Market

November 18, 2013

NIS has started producing a new type of Euro-quality motor fuel with a higher octane value - Euro BMB 98. This motor fuel, produced in Pančevo Oil Refinery, fully meets the most demanding requirements of the EU emission standards related to passenger cars. Euro BMB 98 is intended both for new-generation vehicles and older models of vehicles, enabling better engine speed and start-up, and, consequently, higher cost-efficiency. The advantage of Euro BMB 98 compared to Euro premium BMB 95 is the higher fuel octane value which increases the engine strength, its cost-effectiveness, and also contributes to a more steady and stabilized engine operation. In addition, this fuel is environmentally friendly due to a lower rate of emission of noxious exhaust gases into atmosphere (containing up to 10 ppm of sulfur, in line with European standards). "By producing Euro BMB 98, we demonstrate in practice that we constantly put efforts to improve the production process and increase the motor fuel quality, complying with the strictest European environmental standard. Today, NIS is a company which applies the cutting-edge technological solution in it business operations and petroleum products production, in order to meet the market demand and requirements of our clients", said Mr. Kirill Kravchenko, the Chief Executive Officer of NIS. After the first phase of supply of NIS retail network, Euro BMB 98 can be found at 60 "NIS Petrol" and "Gazprom" petrol stations throughout Serbia. By the end of 2013, around 120 petrol stations will be supplied with this type of motor fuel. Euro BMB 98 is also available for wholesale buyers. You can find the list of petrol stations offering Euro BMB 98 on the NIS' consumer website