NIS makes Donations to Healthcare Institutions in Kraljevo and Kosovska Mitrovica

December 24, 2018

The donation, worth 100,000 EUR, will contribute to the procurement of a new laparoscopic column, which will enable the use of modern surgical methods in the treatment of all patients at Studenica General Hospital. In addition to NIS and its employees’ support for the General Hospital in Kraljevo, the company has also procured a new ambulance with portable incubator for the Clinical Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica, worth 45,000 EUR. Present at the ceremonial handover of the donation were Dr Zlatibor Lončar, Minister of Health for the Republic of Serbia, Kiril Tyurdenev, Chief Executive Officer of NIS, Dr Zoran Mrvić, Director of Studenica General Hospital in Kraljevo, Dr Milan Ivanović, Director of the Clinical Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica, representatives of the city of Kraljevo, NIS and Studenica General Hospital employees, as well as children undergoing treatment at the institution. Dr Zlatibor Lončar, the Republic of Serbia’s Minister of Health, thanked NIS for the donations and highlighted their importance to the future of healthcare in Kraljevo and Kosovska Mitrovica. “I want to express our immense gratitude to everyone at NIS, and in particular the management of the company, because nowadays, no matter how well-meaning your intentions are as an organization, it is not easy to make the decision to donate something like this. This donation is only a small part of what NIS, as a socially responsible company, gives to the healthcare system of Serbia. I would particularly like to point out the fact that NIS organizes these and similar charity events on its own initiative, which is exceptionally rare nowadays. I am convinced that NIS will not stop here. I am pleased that the young specialists of the General Hospital in Kraljevo will be able to go about their work using the latest medical equipment and putting into practice and perfecting the knowledge that they acquired during their specialization training. I also thank NIS for providing a new ambulance to the Clinical Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica, which will contribute to the saving of lives every day.” Kirill Tyurdenev, Chief Executive Officer of NIS, stated on this occasion that the donation to Studenica General Hospital was a gift from the company and all its employees. “NIS is a big family in which we all share important and honest values. We care about each other, as well as about the community in which we all live and work. When we wish somebody good health, we try hard to help that wish come true. We also always try to be where we are most needed. We are convinced that the expert team of this important institution will be supported immensely through the receipt of this modern surgical equipment”. The NIS CEO also used this occasion to highlight the importance of the donation given by NIS to the Clinical Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica. “The holiday season is an opportunity for another gift by NIS – an ambulance intended for the Clinical Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica. Our wish is, of course, for it to be required as little as possible, but we believe that it will bring assurance to the people that medical assistance is available. It is especially important for us that this ambulance also has a portable incubator. Each baby that finds their strength, each successful treatment here at the hospital, will be a confirmation that good intentions can lead to the best life outcomes,” Tyurdenev said. Dr Zoran Mrvić, Director of Studenica General Hospital in Kraljevo, thanked NIS for the company’s donation. “During the Minister’s last visit, we announced that there was a large donation being planned, and it has been realized. This time, Santa Claus arrived from faraway Russia and made this important donation worth 100,000 EUR, which will be used to procure the latest laparoscopic column. To date we have been using equipment made in 2004, which will now be replaced with this new piece, improving the work of our hospital’s experts. Once again, I thank NIS for being compassionate and showing a level of social responsibility which far exceeds our expectations. Knowing our hospital’s strategy and partnership with the Ministry of Health and our partnerships with kind and generous people, I hope that this cooperation will continue in the future”, was how Mrvić spoke about the occasion. Dr Milan Ivanović, Director of Clinical Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica, said the following: “We are grateful to NIS for this valuable donation, especially at this difficult moment for our people. We can see that there are many people who care about our patients’ treatment, and the knowledge that a company such as NIS considered our healthcare centre awakens optimism and assures us that we can carry on. It is by way of donations like this one, by support from the Ministry of Health and companies like NIS, that we manage to keep functioning and providing adequate healthcare to our patients.” Thanks to the funds raised during this year’s charity event in NIS, the quality of work at Studenica General Hospital will be improved significantly; the hospital is an institution which provides healthcare services to patients from the territory of Kraljevo, Raška, Novi Pazar, Tutin, Čačak, Vrnjačka Banja, Aleksandrovac, Kruševac and Kosovska Mitrovica, i.e. to more than 500,000 inhabitants. Also, in order to brighten the upcoming holiday season for the youngest patients of Studenica General Hospital in Kraljevo, Minister Lončar and NIS’s management used this occasion to visit the wards whose functioning will be improved by this donation, and handed out New Year’s presents to children being treated here. In a similar manner, NIS also intends to hand out New Year’s gifts to children being treated at the Clinical Hospital Centre in Kosovska Mitrovica. With this year’s charity event, NIS continues its tradition of providing support to healthcare institutions which are vital to communities, placing a special emphasis upon improving the quality of life of the youngest in accordance with its corporate slogan “Future at work”. Thus, as part of last year’s philanthropy campaign, NIS and its employees raised funds amounting to over 16 million RSD for the procurement of new medical equipment by the Institute for Child and Youth Healthcare in Novi Sad, whereas the funds raised during the last year’s charity campaign were used to purchase modern medical equipment donated by NIS to Tiršova University Children’s Clinic in Belgrade in order to improve its operation.