NIS makes surporise for the children at the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina

December 28, 2017

NIS staffers handed out parcels to children treated at the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina in Novi Sad. The Company has allocated funds for the purchase of New Year's packages for the youngest, while its employees participated in the packaging and preparation of gifts - toys, coloring books, books and sweets. Simultaneously, NIS has launched a large humanitarian campaign called "You and me for the children's hospital in Novi Sad" in Serbia at its gas stations, within which until January 7, 2018, each of the 25 and more liters of any kind of derivative sets aside 25 dinars for the purchase of equipment for the Institute for Health Protection of Children and Youth of Vojvodina, one of the most important health institutions in Serbia that deals with the protection, treatment and care of children and youth from the entire territory of the province. Prof. Dr. Jadranka Jovanović-Privrodski, the Institute's acting director, took this opportunity to give credit to NIS for giving presents to the children's hospital and expressed her gratitude for the fact that the future cooperation based on the donation principle, activated throughout the entire territory of Serbia, would be directed towards the purchase of the equipment the institute requires. "These children will spend New Year's holidays at the institute and gifts mean a lot to them, they make them feel better and reduce the sense of discomfort that they should spend New Year holidays without their families," the director of the institute said. Stefan Despotović, director NIS External Communications Department, said that today's presents distribution event is only the announcement of a larger campaign that NIS is currently implementing at its refuelling stations across Serbia to raise funds for the Institute for Health Care of Children and Youth of Vojvodina. "I would proudly say that this year we launched a humanitarian campaign at NIS refuelling stations in a bid to raise funds for the purchase of appliances for this healthcare institution. We are very happy that today we symbolically celebrate the New Year's holidays for all the kids who are staying in this hospital, and this is one of the continuous campaigns that our company implements, " said Despotovic. In a bid to make the upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays more pleasant for the children, together with its staff, NIS delivered New Year's presents to children treated at the children's hospital in Tiršova in Belgrade in the past few days, while in the following days the parcels will be handed out to the children of the Center for the Protection of Infants, children and youth in Zvecanska.