NIS Meets MEPs

July 11, 2016

Emilian Pavel was at the helm of the “Friends of Serbia” group, which is made up of the members of European Parliament, Franc Bogovič, Tanja Fayon, Eduard Kukan, Andor Deli and Paul Tang to mention just a few. Nikola Radovanović, NIS Chief Legal Officer for EU Legislation, presented NIS at the meeting. The meeting was dominated by the exchange of information pertaining to Serbia’s Euro integrations; the importance of SCC was stressed as a liaison between the stage agencies and economy, as well as EU institutions, all the more so with 60% of Serbia’s produce being exported to the EU. The Berlin process was assessed as an opportunity for the region to better integrate and cooperate. At the meeting NIS showcased its accomplishments as part of effort to reach EU energy and climate targets (Energy Union): a single energy market, security of supply, decarbonisation, innovations and energy efficiency. Nikola Radovanović used the example of NIS operations to demonstrate how companies can make savings and improve their indices if they follow EU energy policy.  NIS contribution to regional development was also pointed out as well as the proactive role that NIS plays in the accession negotiations between the Republic of Serbia and EU, as NIS participates in the work of two negotiating groups (power generation and environment protection). He also made a mention of the negative impact on our company operations of sanctions that EU imposed on the Russian Federation. Members of European Parliament expressed their belief that Serbia and Western Balkans have a European future and reiterated a great importance of a dialog within the Berlin process for the progress of the entire region. For more information: