NIS Museum Opened in Kikinda

November 15, 2016

Museum of NIS, which presents the rich history of the company, was opened in Kikinda The museum is located in Kikinda, a town in the territory of which some of the most significant oil fields of NIS in Serbia are located. The exhibits testify of the history of oil and gas explorations spanning more than six decades, but also of the overall development of NIS. The exhibits include the Company photographs, documents and models of oil fields, and the visitors can see the valuable exhibits, such as oil samples, parts of rocks and oil industry equipment, such as downhole pumps and deep anchors. “Our company has historically left a significant mark in this area and opening of the museum right here in Kikinda, is a great honour for all of us, but it is also an opportunity to honour those who were the pioneers in oil production and who built the oil industry from the start”, said Evgeniy Kapusta, Deputy Director of the Block Exploration and Production of NIS. The museum is open for visitors on Thursday from 10:00 to 14:00 hours, and on other working days visits are organized with prior appointment on the telephone number 064 888 2667.